Notes from 11-11-11 : Indonesia Vs Qatar match qualifying for the 2014 FIFA World Cup

Qualifying 2014 FIFA World Cup

On Friday evening 11-11-11,  I and my 2 kids went to Al-Sadd Stadium Doha to watch live football match qualifying Indonesia national team Vs Qatar national team for 2014 FIFA World Cup.

We reached location at 06:45 pm and tried to find out Gate-5 location as per information for Indonesian supporter to entered but all gate had closed except VIP gate still open.

My lovely girl kid said : “Dad, we go home. I’m tired because we take around stadium for looking the gate more than a half hour.

But another my lovely boy kid said : “Dad,  I want to watch football match..”. I said to them : “It’s Ok, honey ..! I will spoke to the security at VIP gate.

We went to VIP gate by showing our ticket to security but they said : “Sorry, this only for VIP ticket to enter. Please find another gate.!. So I make negotiation by replied : “Sorry sir, we try to find out the gate but all the gate had closed. We came from Dukhan around 100 km from Doha city only for giving support to our national team Indonesia, specially my little boy kid want to watch live from stadium and Why, you don’t provide big screen TV out side of stadium ?. They keep quite and can’t answered my question.

One of the honest man who holds VIP ticket said : “Ok Sir, just wait for while. I will call my boss. He said : “really, this evening I can’t suspect Indonesian supporter more than Qatari. All stadium full Indonesian supporter. As per FIFA rules, maximum only 1500 allowed for supporter one a team because our as event organizer should be give chance to another nationality to watch”.  After 10-15 minutes waiting, the honest man as event organizer give us free-VIP ticket.  He brought and guided us until we got seat in front of stadium.

“Alhamdulillah (Thanks God)…!”, at 07:20 pm,  finally we can enter and watch the match  after 20 minutes game started. My lovely kids very happy because we’re sitting at the first line seat section 132 and very closed with the players and TV media Alkass broadcasting.

Al-Sadd Stadium 11-11-11

I saw many supporters for Indonesian team and may be  around 2,000 peoples as per information in mailing list by a Third Secretary Indonesian Embassy, Muhammad Al-Aula. Yel-yel “Garuda di Dadaku” or chant slogans “Eagle on my chest” full roaring in stadium.

I and all of Indonesian supporter in stadium very proud if Bambang Pamungkas or Gonzales can make goal for Indonesia national team to showed in the world, that Indonesia has potential player. But to realize dream and hope to be winner is not easy.

Khalfan IbrahimThe first and second goal for Qatar made by Khalfan Ibrahim, AFC Champions League 2011 winner. Khalfan Ibrahim registered a brace scoring in the 33rd and 64th minute. Mohammed Razak gave the lead in the 30th minute, while substitute Sebastien Soria completed the rout with a strike in the final minute of play. Sebastian made goal 4:0 for Qatar. Congrats ….! for Qatar national team you deserved to be Winner..

Qatar score 4:0


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