November 13 Events in History


Today is November 13, 2011. Do you know what events in history on this day ? Please read details bellow :

Source from : brainyhistory
2010 According to China, a report submitted to the U.N. Security Council on violation of the Darfur weapons embargo is ridden with flaws and vaguely worded
2010 A Chinese ship with 29 crew is attacked by Somali pirates in the Arabian Sea
1997 “Lion King,” opens at New Amersterdam Theater New York City
1997 Ken Griffey, Jr. unanimously wins AL MVP
1997 U.N. pulls out arms inspection teams from Iraq
1996 “Three Sisters,” closes at Lunt-Fontanne Theater New York City
1996 Padres third baseman Ken Caminiti is 4th unanimous winner of NL MVP
1994 Sweden agrees to join European Union
1993 7.1 seaquake east of Kamchatka
1993 Chinese MD82 makes crash landing at Urumqi, 12 killed
1993 Pakistan minister of Foreign affairs Faruk Leghari elected president
1992 Riddick Bowe beats Evander Holyfield in 12 for heavywgt boxing title
1991 Bomb attack on Aad Kosto, Dutch social dem party – Assistant Secretary of state
1991 Boston Red Sox Roger Clemens wins AL Cy Young Award
1990 Oakland’s Bob Welch wins AL Cy Young Award
1989 Paul McCartney releases “Figure of 8” and “Ou Est Le Soleil”
1987 1st condom commercial on BBC TV
1986 Giselle Jeanne-Marie LaRonde of Trinidad, 23, crowned 36th Miss World
1986 NASA launches space vehicle S-199
1986 U.S. president Reagan confesses weapon sales to Iran
1985 Dwight Gooden, youngest 20 game winner, wins Cy Young award
1985 Nevado del Ruiz volcano erupts in Colombia, kills 25,000
1984 David Levy finds his 1st comet
1984 Ryne Sandberg wins the NL MVP Award
1983 Pat Bradley wins LPGA Mazda Japan Golf Classic
1982 Korean boxer Duk Koo Kim fatally injured when KOed by Ray Mancini
1982 Vietnam War Memorial dedicated in Washington D.C.
1981 Ringo releases “Wrack My Brains”
1980 U.S. spacecraft Voyager I sent back 1st close-up pictures of Saturn
1980 Gabriella Brum, 18, of W Germany crowned 30th Miss World, she resigns the next day, because she wants to marry her 52 year old boyfriend
1979 British newspaper “Times” resumes publishing after 1 year
1979 Ronald Reagan in New York announces his candidacy for president
1979 Willie Stargell and Keith Hernandez share NL MVP Award NL
1978 NASA launches HEAO
1977 25th Islander shut-out Resch 6-0 Gilles scores on 5th penalty shot
1977 Final Al Capp comic strip of “Li’l Abner” (1934-77)
1977 Silvia Bertolaccini wins LPGA Colgate Far East Golf Open
1975 “Musical Jubilee” opens at St. James Theater New York City for 92 performances
1974 Dodgers Steve Garvey wins NL MVP
1973 “Gigi” opens at Uris Theater New York City for 103 performances
1973 Oakland A’s Reggie Jackson wins AL MVP unanimously
1971 Mariner 9, 1st to orbit another planet, Mars
1970 Cyclone kills estimated 300,000 in Chittagong Bangladesh
1970 Flooding ravages Ganges delta, 200,000-1 million killed
1970 Lieutenant General Hafez al-Assad becomes Prime Minister of Syria following military coup
1969 Vice President Spiro T. Agnew accused network TV news depts of bias and distortion
1968 Bob Gibson edges Pete Rose to win NL MVP
1967 NL owners OK AL expansion to Seattle and Kansas City
1966 Sandra Haynie wins LPGA Alamo Ladies’ Golf Open
1965 “Skyscraper” opens at Lunt Fontanne Theater New York City for 248 performances
1965 “Yarmouth Castle” burns and sinks off Bahamas, killing 89
1964 Bob Petit (St. Louis Hawks) becomes 1st NBAer to score 20,000 points
1964 Pope Paul VI gives tiara to poor
1961 WCBB TV channel 10 in Augusta, ME (PBS) begins broadcasting
1960 Fire in movie theater kills 152 children (Amude Spain)
1960 Sammy Davis, Jr. marries Swedish actress May Britt
1958 New York City Mayor Robert Wagner announces plans to begin a new baseball called the Continental League
1956 Supreme Court strikes down segregation of races on public buses
1955 1st live telecast from non-contiguous foreign country-Havana Cuba
1955 Argentine General Pedro Aramburu succeeds E Lonardi as president
1953 Dmitri Shostakovich’ 4th String Quartet, premieres
1952 False fingernails 1st sold
1952 KLBK TV channel 13 in Lubbock, Texas (CBS) begins broadcasting
1951 Lefty O’Doul’s all-stars, including Joe DiMaggio and Billy Martin, lose 3-1 to Pacific League all-star team (Japan)
1950 U.S. win 1st world championship bridge contest
1948 “As the Girls Go” opens at Winter Garden Theater New York City for 420 performances
1946 1st artificial snow produced from a natural cloud, Mount Greylock, MA
1946 Bradman scores 106 for an Australian XI vs. the MCC
1945 Australian Services draw 1st Victory Test against India
1942 Chaotic “sea battle of Friday the 13th” at Guadalcanal
1942 Minimum draft age lowered from 21 to 18
1941 British aircraft carrier “Ark Royal” sank in Mediterranean
1941 German Abweht consults with Chetnikleider Draza Mihailovic
1940 Walt Disney’s “Fantasia” released
1938 America’s 1st saint, Mother Frances Cabrini, beatified
1937 NBC forms 1st full-sized symphony orchestra exclusively for radio
1935 Anti-British riots in Egypt
1933 1st modern sit-down strike, Hormel meat packers, Austin, Minn
1931 Hattie Caraway (D-AK) appointed 1st U.S. woman senator
1930 WA Drake’s “Grand Hotel,” premieres in New York City
1928 Bradman scores 132* for NSW against MCC
1927 NY-New Jersey Holland Tunnel, 1st twin-tube underwater auto tunnel, opens
1926 Indonesian Communist Party (PKI) uprising in Bantam West Java
1922 Black Renaissance begins Harlem NY
1922 George Cohan’s musical “Little Nellie Kelly,” premieres in New York City
1922 Marc Connelly/George Kaufman’s “’49ers,” premieres in New York City
1921 “Sheik,” starring Rudolph Valentino, is released
1921 U.S., France, Japan and British Empire sign a Pacific Treaty
1920 Hudson River frozen at Albany
1918 Monarch Friedrich of Waldeck and Pyrmont abdicates throne
1918 Russia cancels Treaty of Brest-Litovsk
1918 Stahlhelm forms (anti communist/Polish/French) in Magdenburg
1916 British offensive at Ancre Belgium
1913 1st modern elastic brassiere patented by Mary Phelps Jacob
1909 259 miners die in a fire at St. Paul Mine at Cherry Ill
1909 Ben Simpson of Hamilton Tigers kicks 9 singles in a game
1907 French cyclist Paul Cornu flies 1st helicopter (twin rotor)
1906 C W Gregory out for 383 as NSW make 763 vs. Queensland
1900 Baltimore Orioles (now New York Yankees) enter baseball’s American League
1895 1st shipment of canned pineapple from Hawaii
1885 Serbian army occupies Bulgaria
1875 Harvard-Yale game is 1st college football contest with uniforms
1875 National Bowling Association organized in New York City
1868 American Philological Association organized in NY
1865 1st U.S. gold certificates issued
1865 PT Barnum’s New American museum opens in Bridgeport
1865 U.S. issues 1st gold certificates
1862 Battle of Holly Spring, MS
1854 “New Era” sinks off New Jersey coast with loss of 300
1851 1st meeting of anti-revolutionary “Netherlands and Orange”
1851 Telegraph connection between London-Paris linked
1849 Peter Burnett elected 1st governor of California
1843 Mount Rainier in Washington State erupts
1839 1st U.S. anti-slavery party, Liberty Party, convenes in NY
1830 Oliver Wendell Holmes publishes “Old Ironsides”
1789 Ben Franklin writes “Nothing . . . certain but death and taxes”
1781 English troops occupy Negapatam Ceylon
1775 American Revolutionary forces capture Montreal
1715 Battle at Sheriffmuir: English army beats Scottish earl of Mar
1715 Pro-James Edward Stuart-rebellion surrenders
1673 Prince Willem III/Raimundo earl Montecuccoli conquer Bonn
1642 Battle at Turnham Green, London: King Charles I vs English parliament
1565 King Philip II’s “Letters out Segovia” reaches Brussels
1565 Pope Pius IV publishes degree Professi fidei
1553 English Lady Jane Grey/bishop Cranmer accused of high treason
1511 England signs on to the Saint League
1002 English king Ethelred II launches massacre of Danish settlers
866 Pope Nicholas I answers the envoys of Boris (Ad consulta vestra)

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  1. toosoxy says:

    Clemens, Cy Young Award… and look where he is now…

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