Dukhan Tostmaster Meeting No.96

Today is Monday 14-11-11, DukhanToastmaster was conduct meeting no.96 and my role as “Speaker” for project speech no.8 part of 10 to achieve “Competent Communicator (CC) Award from Toastmaster International base on California USA.  Dukhan Toastmaster Club has regular meeting schedule every Monday on second and fourth week of the month.

Theme of the day is “Gadget” and word of the day was selected “ingenuity”  by Grammarian TM. Pareeduddin. Meeting start at 05:13 pm, Sergeant at Arm TM. Sree Laksmi  remind all speaker to avoid 3 subject topic about; religion, sex and politic then she gives guidance in case emergency for exit direction.

Act.President TM.Anil Malik open the meeting and call Toastmaster of the Day, TM. Sheik Abdul Kadir to host and leads the meeting. Project speech has 4 speaker, 3 speaker for CC manual and 1 speaker for Advance project.

As per schedule, I’m speaker no.2 but before meeting started Act.Vice President Education (VPE) TM. Kiran kotala announce some changed role player and put me as Speaker no.1. It’s OK no problem for me and I’m ready to deliver my speech any time .

DTM-meeting no.96Speech project no.8 Get Comfortable with Visual Aids and has Objectives: Select visual aids appropriate for message; use them correctly and with confidence.). My speech title is “The Secret Web pages” and Evaluated by TM. Anil Malik.

My opening speech used Tony Robbins quote “Passion is the genesis of genius” and to support speech objective, I used slide presentation about “How ingenuity web developer or web master used HTML code to create web pages dynamic and attractive”  and to connect with theme of the day, I demonstrated one sample gadget “currency converter” application combined with the web pages.

I received some comments notes from other Toastmaster and Thanks for all positive feedback especially from Evaluator TM. Anil Malik  and General Evaluator TM. Jensie Beny Davidson to improve more better for next project speech.


About Risman Dukhan

Process learning never stops until the end of our life. Never regard study as a duty but as an enviable opportunity to learn to know the liberating influence of beauty in the realm of the spirit for your own personal joy and to the profit of the community to which your later works belong.
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