Become a Facebook Rock Star


Today, billionaire Mark Zuckerberg is one of the world. According to Wikipedia, Facebook’s revenue in 2006 reached 52 million USD in 2007 reached $ 150 million, in 2008 reached $ 280 million, in 2009 reached $ 800 million and in 2010 was estimated at $ 1.1 billion. Indeed, the financial figures of Facebook has always been hidden from the company, this is normal for a private company.

Although not officially on the stock market, but Facebook’s stock has traded in the market. The deals and investments have recently priced up to $ 50 billion for Facebook , even $ 85 billion. Rich through advertising and virtual goods.

How does Facebook make money that “rich” so quickly, while users are free to use Facebook. According to the documents under analysis as well as world press, Facebook’s revenue comes from advertising and virtual goods.

Ad brought most revenue for Facebook. This is a business model of many popular websites in the world, and also the big secret behind the burgeoning revenue rise in fortune of Facebook. If open Facebook profile, users will see the right hand side of the page is the ad box. Microsoft used to be the exclusive advertising partner for Facebook after the investment of $ 240 million in 2007. However, this has ended on 01/01/2010.

The amount of personal data whose members shared freely on the main page is a source of “opium” that Facebook may be valuable to “seduce” the advertisers. Advertisers will purchase banner space based on records and preferences of the user. For example, if on file, users say that they are a fan of the Nike brand sports or other related ads on the website, the company selling sports will appear on your right. Such is the difference between advertising on Facebook and Google ads. Facebook targeted advertising directly to potential customers, and useful to users.

How become a Facebook Rock Start ? check out a slide presentation from FORUM ONE Communication : 


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