The Future of Internet Privacy – ictQATAR’s Connected Speakers Series

The Future of Internet Privacy Connected Speaker Series IcT Qatar

Today, I went at 05:20 pm from QP Dukhan Compound to Sharq Village and Spa Doha for joined Connected Speaker Series IctQatar “The Future of Internet Privacy”.  This second time for me, I have attended. Last year connected speaker Gerd Leon Hard on 20-12-2010 at Sheraton Hotel.

I arrived on location at 06:35 pm “Oh.. It’s 5 minutes late”.  I tried to escape from traffic jump since Al-Wajba Rayyan R/A until Museum Islamic Art R/A but difficult. When I arrived, it’s amazing all car parking full so I take a round may be 5 minutes to get some space and luckily I got it. Thanks God..!

connected speaker ticketAt Registration desk, I give my ticket to enter the Al-Dasha room and looking for a seat, I got it  in front side location. I saw Master of Ceremony, Brian Wesolowski Ict Qatar just opens and introduced a speaker at 06:45 pm.

Do you know where your data goes online? Probably not. In today’s hyper-connected world, there is more information out there about us than ever before, much of which we are willingly sharing! We are at an important juncture in determining the future of privacy – will the abundance of data be used to benefit individuals and society, or will it lead us down a path where we are controlled by how others use our data?

Jules Polonetsky

Join leading Internet Privacy expert Jules Polonetsky, Co-Chair and Director of the Future of Privacy Forum, for ictQATAR’s Connected Speakers Series today on Monday, November 28 at 6:30 p.m. The event is free and open to the public, but advance registration is required. At the Future of Privacy Forum, a think tank that seeks to advance responsible data practices, Polonetsky focuses on online data use, smart grids, mobile data, apps and social media.

Previously, Polonetsky served as Chief Privacy Officer and Senior Vice President for Consumer Advocacy at AOL, where he was responsible for ensuring AOL’s users could trust the company with their information and for educating employees about best practice for advertising, content and product development.

Jules Polonetsky in his presentation said :

  • 80 – 90% of people sleep with their phones – recent study
  • Who would spend time to read privacy policies ?
  • It takes so long to read privacy policy.
  • Apple went innovative – a simple arrow that tells you where your location would go to
  • Voice recognition tools such as Siri – do they spell out privacy policies ? So far – no
  • The way users look at their privacy settings app varies – question is: are they aware of how much of their data is captured?
  • If data can be collected, it will be – no matter what it will be used for
  • One out of ten people hated the initial Facebook interface at first, now people are empowered by the “notion to share”
  • Yesterday: people think privacy is spamming. Today: people think privacy is equal to Facebook
  • The top-selling app on Apple store was developed by a 14-year old kid. How do you expect him to be aware of privacy policies?
  • Video-rental protection act…one of the fastest-ever passed laws in the US !

Thank you Jules Polonetsky for interesting presentation and information…

(source : ictQatar)                                                                              (**Dukhan, 28-November-2011 at 11:54 pm)

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