Using technology to create employment opportunities for the disabled

Today, Wednesday November 30, 2011 at 09:00 AM. I have attended Mada AT Seminar Series, the title of – “Using technology to create employment opportunities for the disabled” @Millennium Hotel Doha. This the first time for me to attend Mada seminar.

Mada (Qatar Assistive Technology Center) continues its AT Seminar Series by hosting a one day conference discussing ways in which Assistive Technology can facilitate greater employment opportunities for people with disabilities. At the event, Mada will present its employment guide to potential employers in Qatar that are interested in creating accessible workspaces. Speakers will include international experts in the field of employing people with disabilities, who will share best practices in the field, as well as local leaders in the field of creating job opportunities for the disabled.

The First speaker Debra Ruh from USA, Chief Marketing Officer SSBBART Group. She spokes about ICT Accessibility & employing people with disabilities.

The Second speaker Royson Poh from Singapore, Assistant Director  Vocational Training Division Society for the Physically Disabled.  He spokes about vocational, training, work, core, life and employment skills. Royson Poh is providing multiple best practices and case studies of people with disabilities that they have helped in Singapore.

The Third speaker Shilpi Kapoor from India,  Evangelist and Director Barrier Break Technology. She spokes about building and managing workplace inclusivity for people with disability.

After completed 3 speaker giving presentation, from Mada moderator give chance to audience for Ask and Question session. I rise my hand to moderator for asked some questions to Royson Poh, please check details in my livestreaming but may be will not perfect result  due to used webcam laptop. Mada moderator allow maximum 3-4 people Ask and Questions to all speaker then Tea Break for 20 minutes.

After enjoying tea break, Mada moderator call to all audience come back and sit for next session. The second session Arabic Language with available audio translate to English language. The first speaker Sameera Al-Qasimi, Head of Al-shafalah center. She spokes about the local experience in dealing with disabled people in Qatar.

The second speaker Dr. Wafaa Al Yazidi, Head of rehabilitation services spoke about the role of rehabilitation in successful employment Hamad Medical Corporation.

The third speaker Reem Al Mansoori said : “people with disabilities can add value to the country and in the workforce by focusing of their abilities”.

The fourth speaker Khalid Al-Shoaibi, Head of communications at Al-Noor institute for the blind.

Closing speech by David Banes, Deputy CEO of Mada, presenting the employers guide to assistive technology created by Mada and Enable Ireland.

At 01:15 pm, Mada AT seminar series closed and continued for Lunch time. Thanks to all presenters and Mada as event organizer for sharing knowledge and experience …..

” Disabled doesn’t mean unable”

(Dukhan, 01-12-11 at 00:40 AM)

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