Dukhan Toastmaster Club Meeting No.98 “Petroleum and Resource”

Yesterday Monday 12-December-2011, I have attended  Dukhan Toastmaster Club regular meeting no. 98 and my role as Grammarian. One benefit of Toastmasters is that it to improve grammar and word use. Being grammarian also provides an exercise in expanding listening skills. I have several responsibilities: to introduce new words to members, to comment on language usage during the meeting, and to provide examples of eloquence.

The theme of the day was  selected “Petroleum” by Toastmaster of the day TM. Muhammad Ismayil. He selected this topic after Visiting 20 World Petroleum Congress last week and to support this theme,Word of the day was “Resource”.  Meeting started at 05:10 PM by A lady Sgt@Arms, TM SriLakshmi Harish with Bubbling energy and enthusiasm, she rolled the meeting out. This the first time Sgt@Arms a lady. TM. Nasimudin as Club President, kick off the meeting.

Yesterday, an excellent day it was. With a lot of committed members who turned up on a cold day to really heat it up. There are 3 project speaker. The First speaker was TM. Abdul Khader gave a speech on “Nuclear Power” his Project 8 from the Competent Communicator Manual, which touched the entire history of its generation to its status till date and he won the best speakers.  His speech evaluated by TM. Luis Perez.

The Second speaker was TM. Sameer Hasan presented a speech “We Choose to Land on the Moon”, this was an Oratorical Interpretation of a Speech by John F Kennedy “We choose to go to the moon”. This was a project from his Advance Manual on Interpretive Reading. TM. Sameer had a task to get into himself the soul of JFK while presenting this speech with the same feeling. He fared well in his speech and snatchedaway the Best Advance Speakers Award. His speech was dissected by TM Nasimudheen, who gave a valuable suggestion to improve and i.e., to catch up better on his vocals.

TM Sebastian was the 3rd and final speaker yesterday. But the First person from Dukhan Toastmasters Club for this term 2011 to reach his Advance Communicator Bronze with his 10th and final project from Advance Manual”Speaking to Inform”. He presented a project “Fact Finding Report” and his speech was “Are We Poor?  TM Sebastian took us through a journey of India from its Original Natives to Current Nano Technology and Education and reflected how this nation is mistaken for a poor one only due to ignorance about its richness. His speech was evaluated by TM Sameer Moosa, who swept away the Best Evaluator’s Award as well. TM Salauddin was the General Evaluator. He surprised us with his professional handling of the session.

(*** Dukhan, 12-December-2011 at 11:00 PM )

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Process learning never stops until the end of our life. Never regard study as a duty but as an enviable opportunity to learn to know the liberating influence of beauty in the realm of the spirit for your own personal joy and to the profit of the community to which your later works belong.
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