Triconex ESD & FG System Upgrade – Invensys

Today Sunday 08-January-2012 is the first day I attend  for one week training Triconex Emergency Shutdown (ESD) & Fire and Gas (FG) System from Invensys Operation Management Egypt with instructor Ahmed Hasan.

Triconex® is the world’s leading supplier of safety and critical control systems. Triconex Emergency Shutdown (ESD) Systems are found in a wide variety of industries protecting personnel, equipment, and the environment.

Triconex Training

Invensys Learning Services offers comprehensive, world-class training courses that match the power and excellence of Triconex Systems. Thousands of clients have been trained in the use of Triconex products. Invensys Learning Services is committed to delivering intensive and hands-on educational programs that can enable you to develop and use an application as soon as you return to your plant.

Invensys is the world’s leading supplier of safety and critical control systems, insist on Invensys Certified Instructors to train your employees. Invensys requires its instructors to meet rigorous professional and technical standards. When Triconex systems are used in processes in which safety, reliability, and availability are critical, use only Triconex-certified instructors, courseware, and training equipment.

The Triconex General Purpose System is a TÜV certified Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 2 Safety Instrumented System that delivers superior availability and safety performance.

The Triconex General Purpose System is a must for clients who need to maximize the safety and performance of their assets. If you are challenged with reducing investment and lifecycle costs, meeting new safety standards, combating tough competitive pressure in your markets as well as protecting the welfare of your employees and the environment, then The Triconex General Purpose System is for you.

A powerful, scalable design with the assurance of continuous operation, the new Triconex General Purpose Controller complies with International standards such IEC61508 and fulfils the requirements for applications such as Emergency Shutdown (ESD), Fire and Gas Protection (F&G), Burner Management (BMS) and Turbomachinery Control (TMC).

The redundant high-availability architecture provides a flexible, robust, reliable and powerful solution that is ideal for clients looking to optimize the choice of platform for their specific critical control and safety requirements.

The Triconex General Purpose System offers the highest availability and reliability in the market while providing a lower-cost entry point into the industry-leading Triconex safety system product line. It has low operational and maintenance costs and it enables the use of the richest safety and critical controls applications suite for SIL2 in the industry.

(source data : invensys)

(*** Dukhan Sunday Night, 08-01-2012 @ 10:10 PM)

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