Qatargas electronic Permit to Work (ePTW)

The Permit to Work (PTW) System for Qatargas is designed to ensure a safe working environment sothat work performed is conducted in a safe, coordinated and consistent manner without harm topeople, the environment and Company assets.It is the policy of Qatargas that work done on Qatargas premises is performed as per this Procedureand other applicable Policies and Procedures.

The bellow document covers Qatargas requirements on PTW System and is explained using Manual PTW System (using pre-numbered, pre-printed non-electronic Forms). Electronic PTW System also follows the same technical requirements as manual PTW System; however, an E-PTW is processed using “Q4‟ software. After an E-PTW is authorized in “Q4‟, it is printed. The hard copy printoutundergoes the same cycle as the Manual PTW System. Whatever processing is done on printoutsnow onwards is mirrored on Q4 to take advantages of E-PTW System. Refer to Appendix11.8 for more details on E-PTW System.


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