How to Resign from your job & Sample Resign Letter

Hi Readers, Sorry if I’m not updated my blog due to busy with new job 🙂 ha ha ha. Today, I would like to posting one of request from my friend to give sample resign letter.

I Quit! How to Resign from Your JobTurning in your resignation isn’t always easy. Even if you hate your job, hate your boss and can’t wait to start that new job; even if you are about to be fired, it can be difficult to resign tactfully.

First of all, be sure that you really do want to quit. Then, handle your resignation as carefully as you would handle any other business endeavor. It’s always wise to not burn bridges. You never know when you will need your past employers for a reference.

.:. Resignation Pros and Cons

Before you make the decision to quit, be absolutely sure that this is the right decision. An employee once called me the day after she started her new job. She hated it, regretted resigning and wanted to come back.By the time we heard from her, we had already filled the position and she was out of luck.

If you’re not sure about the position you are considering taking, ask if you can spend a day in the office “shadowing” the staff. It may reinforce your decision to take the position or help you decide you don’t want it.

.:. Weigh the Options

Do you have another job offer? If so, weigh the pros and cons of the new position versus your current position. Consider the work environment, flexibility, salary and benefits in addition to the job responsibilities. How about opportunities to advance? If the new job comes up ahead on all counts and you feel sure that this is the right change to make, don’t hesitate.

No new job on the horizon? Before you quit, consider the basics. It will take about three to six months, sometimes longer, to find a new job. Unless you quit for a good cause, you may not be eligible for unemployment benefits.

Do you have enough savings or other income to manage on? Even if your employment situation isn’t the best, you might want to consider hanging on to the job you have, as well as your paycheck, and starting your job search before you resign. That old saying that “it’s easier to find a job, when you have a job” does hold true.

.:. Give Notice

If you have an employment contract that states how much notice you should give, abide by it. Otherwise, it’s appropriate to offer two weeks notice. However, in some cases, you may feel that you are unable to stay for another couple of weeks.

.:. No Obligation

If your employer asks you to stay longer than two weeks (or the time period in your contract you have no obligation to stay. Your new employer will be expecting you to start as scheduled, and in a timely manner. What you could do is offer to help your previous employer, if necessary, after hours, via email or on the phone.

Sample Resignation Letters

.:. Write a Resignation Letter

Regardless of how your resign, write a resignation letter. A resignation letter can help you maintain a positive relationship with your old employer, while paving the way for you to move on. You never know when you might need that old employer to give you a reference, so it makes sense to take the time to write a polished and professional resignation letter.

A resignation letter should be simple, brief, focused, and to the point. There is no need to elaborate on your reason for leaving. Simply provide information on when you are leaving and let the employer know you appreciate your time with the company.

.:. Sample Resignation Letter

Your Name
Your Address
Your City, State, Zip Code
Your Phone Number
Your Email


City, State, Zip Code

Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name:

I would like to inform you that I am resigning from my position as ……………………….. for the (Company name), effective date ………….

Thank you for the opportunities for professional and personal development that you have provided me during the last ( ………… how many years). I have enjoyed working for ………….. (Department or Section) and appreciate the support provided me during my tenure with the company.

If I can be of any help during this transition, please let me know.


Your Signature (hard copy letter)

Your Typed Name

.:. Leave on a Positive Note

Employees change jobs all the time and for different reasons. It’s a part of life and as such, it’s good to leave your job on a positive note. It can be difficult to do this sometimes, but if you leave on a positive note, your chances of acquiring future positions is increased.

There are several things to keep in mind when you give a letter of resignation. First, give your employer plenty of notice to fill your vacancy. The general rule of thumb is to give at least two weeks notice, more if you can and if you’re in a high level position. This allows your employer time to find a new person, possibly have you train that person, and it’s a courtesy to the company and your fellow co-workers.

.:. Avoid Speaking Negatively

Secondly, always be positive. Think of the positives on the job and any special projects or achievements that you were involved in. Avoid speaking negatively about anyone in the company to other employees.

I hope this posting will be useful for all who need to resign from your current job 🙂 🙂 ha ha ha.  Enjoyed @ Dukhan Morning Weather…. 


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