Best Practice Technical Committee (BPTC) Dukhan Operations

The Oil & Gas Industry is facing series of challenges as there are rapid changes with new technology, processes & tools which have tremendous impact on safety, operation, maintenance and production. In addition, best practices around the world are continually being developed in accordance with public response, changes in environmental conditions, technological innovations and new standards & guidelines.

Hence BPTC was formed to exchange knowledge and expertise on best practices with other operating companies to define a road map for Dukhan Fields development and improvement

Best Practice Technical Committee (BPTC) was formed under the direction and guidance of Dukhan Operations Manager, Mr. Ahmad Saif Al-Sulaiti on 13th April 2011, to share and adopt different best practices in safety, operation, maintenance and production.

BPTC focuses to bench mark different best practices from other operating companies and implement the same more effectively within Qatar Petroleum. Further, BPTC adopts ideas from bench marking process to advance utilization of Qatar Petroleum’s existing best practices and share with other departments to drive learning and successful application of best practices.

Dukhan Operation Management has formed different technical committees and we are proud to be one among the other existing committees to represent Dukhan Operations – Qatar Petroleum.

*Source Presentation from 1st Operational Safety Challenges Forum January 2013.


About Risman Dukhan

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