How To Do Business in Qatar

Discussion Wisma Duta 27014_aA few days ago on Monday 27-January 2014 I have attended event a discussion titled “How To Do Business in Qatar, organized by the Indonesian Embassy Doha  in collaboration with a consulting firm headquartered in London, UHY Ammo & Co. The event was carried out at the Indonesian Ambassador’s Residence Dafna West Bay Doha .

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Indonesian Ambbasador 270114This discussion is followed by about 75 Indonesian Diaspora businesses that have been operating in Qatar in the range of micro, small , medium , and corporations of members of the Indonesian Business Association in Qatar (IBAQ). In addition, participants in the discussion are other Indonesian Diaspora who showed strong interest to do business in Qatar.


Mr. Muhammad Aula, Second Secretary for Economic Affairs as Master of Ceremony. The event took place interesting discussion is intended to provide additional information related to how to officially start operations in Qatar ; provide information about the sectors open to be used by the Indonesian business people along with the development of Qatar to host the World Cup ( World Cup ) 2022 , as well as the achievement of Qatar National Vision 2030 ; adding networking to start and expand business scale has been owned . Moreover after this discussion the participants are expected to invite partners in Indonesia to conduct business in Qatar .

Indonesian Ambassador for Qatar HE Deddy Saiful Hadi in  his opening speech, said that the macro -scale economic bilateral relations with Qatar in Indonesia this time has been reached at a very good level as evidenced by the increasing volume of trade between the two States significantly from U.S. $ 600 Million in 2011 to U.S. $ 1.6 billion in 2012 . And in the year 2013 from the data that there is likely to be even greater.

From the point of view does Indonesia import more oil and gas to buy products worth U.S. $ 1.5 billion and the product has been “given ” to the needs of Indonesian Embassy in Doha therefore focus in efforts to increase non- oil and gas exports in the year 2012 where the increase is much increased by U.S. $ 19 Million ( U.S. $ 74 million in 2011 to U.S. $ 93 million ) or nineteen times more than the increase that occurred in the year 2011 which is only U.S. $ 1 million ( from U.S. $ 73 million in 2010 to U.S. $ 74 million in 2011 ) . Seeing these data , the discussion is expected to be the catalyst of the increase in trade volume between the two countries , and will be a bridge for communication businesses to attract investment to Indonesia Qatar, Indonesia and invite investors to invest into Qatar.

Saiful Hadi Ambassador RI DohaThe Ambassador also stated that this discussion took momentum increase in the value of trade between Indonesia – Qatar which reached 300 % in 2012 valued at approximately U.S. $ 1.6 billion , and is expected to continue to increase in line with economic activities between the two countries is increasingly intense.

Mr . Kefah Deeb , Managing Partner of UHY Ammo & Co, this discussion is a moment that is very effective for businesses Indonesian Diaspora determine economic opportunities in Qatar , and vice versa is a good opportunity for UHY Ammo & Co. to play a role as a bridge for businessmen economic relations between the two countries .


Discussion is effective with a wide range of technical questions about the business fields of interest to foreigners in Qatar and tips doing business right , safe and healthy.


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