The 12th Annual World Robot Olympiad (WRO) Doha Qatar

IMG_20151107_181818The International World Robot Olympiad (WRO) take place in Doha for the first time in Qatar, November 6-8. WRO 2015 is sponsored by Maersk Oil Qatar and hosted by the College of the North Atlantic Qatar under the patronage of the Supreme Education Council and supported by Qatar Petroleum. Concluded yesterday Nov-08 with teams from Chinese Taipei winning most places.

IMG_20151107_175306The theme for this year’s WRO Open Category is “Robot Explorers” and in WRO Regular Category the challenges are:

  • “Pearl Diving” (Elementary)
  • “Treasure Hunt” (Junior High)
  • “Mountaineering” (High School).
  • WRO GEN II Football is of course also featured – and in Doha we will also see teams competing in the new WRO University Regular game, WRO Bowling.

malaysiaTeams from Malaysia grabbed the second highest number of places in eight categories. The contest featured 33 Qatari teams with talented students, participating alongside some of the youngest scientists and engineers.

The competition, under the patronage of Prime Minister and Interior Minister H E Sheikh Abdullah bin Nasser bin Khalifa Al Thani, was the largest science event hosted in Qatar and attracted over 3,000 participants from 44 countries to compete in challenges under the theme ‘Robot Explorers’.

qatarThe introduction of Maersk Oil Qatar ‘Inspiration in Science’ Award was one of the main highlights of the event. It was presented to a Qatari team from Khalid Bin Ahamed Independent Middle School. The team demonstrated collective passion for science, creativity and teamwork and ability to share enthusiasm and inspirational qualities with others.

horsecloisngWRO 2015 representatives from Maersk Oil Qatar, CNA-Q and the SEC took part in an official handover ceremony, which saw Qatar formally pass the WRO flag to India, ahead of the country hosting the event in 2016. A beautiful display with the Arabian horses at the closing ceremony.

Snapshot photos during visited The World Robot Olympiad 2015, Proud of you Qatar as I’m resident..!

IMG_20151107_181719 IMG_20151107_175424 IMG_20151107_174126 IMG_20151107_174000 IMG_20151107_164838 IMG_20151107_164758 IMG_20151107_164155 IMG_20151107_164119 IMG_20151107_162156 IMG_20151107_161216 sworddanceIMG_20151107_155950


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