Modelling OTS Design for Acid Gas Removal Plant

That was great opportunity for me to involve upgrade the existing ARAB-D OTS and modelling new AGRP OTS for my department.  The new OTS system Acid Gas Removal Plant (AGRP) used Honeywell simulation software Unisim Design (USD) & Unisim Suite Operation (USO) R430.

Honeywell’s UniSim® Operations is part of the comprehensive UniSim Competency Suite, which helps better train today’s industrial workforce. This solution can be used to replicate and assess the operational readiness of plant assets long before they are applied in real-world production scenarios. More detail about UniSim Operations, you can read below :

UniSim® Design Suite is Process modelling software for process design, simulation, safety studies, operations monitoring and debottlenecking, process optimization and business planning. More detail product information you can read below :

The purpose of this Model Acceptance Test (MAT) is to ensure that the process model is tested thoroughly. There will be no DCS/ESD and any third party PLC connected to the system.

The activities that will be performed during the MAT are listed below:
· Verify Model Scope: Determine whether the process model has been built to match the scope defined on the marked up P&IDs and FDS 
Verify Steady State Conditions:  Determine whether the process model is capable of achieving the steady state at the supplied design values 
Execute Plant Start-up Procedures: Determine whether the process model is capable of executing the normal startup procedures as outlined in the Operating Guidelines supplied by the Qatar Petroleum
·  Verify Initial Conditions: Determine whether the model is presented in the correct initial state upon initiation of a training session from the initial condition snapshot training.
· Verify Instructor Graphics: Determine whether the process model is represented correctly through the Instructor Graphics built using HMI Web Display
·  Verify Process Upsets:  Determine whether the process model is capable of responding appropriately to the custom process upsets configured
·  Verify Instructor Variables:  Determine that the functionality of the Instructor Variables is adequately represented and generates the correct process response when activated.

Modelling Acceptance Test (MAT) has been conducted at Honeywell Doha Head Office and completed on 2 weeks as per schedule.

Below sample tutorial introduces the fundamental concepts required to build a dynamic simulation case for a distillation column using UniSim Design Suite.


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Process learning never stops until the end of our life. Never regard study as a duty but as an enviable opportunity to learn to know the liberating influence of beauty in the realm of the spirit for your own personal joy and to the profit of the community to which your later works belong.
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