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Since 1980, Simulation Solutions and its predecessor, Atlantic Simulation, pioneered the field of microcomputer process training simulators by using low cost, readily available computer hardware. Since then, the power and speed of these low cost machines have substantially increased, allowing us to exploit the tremendous capabilities of today’s technology.

From the beginning, their focus has centered around cost effective simulator packages utilizing a wide range of available Standard Process Models and Emulated Distributed Control System (DCS) operator training stations.  Low cost hardware solutions coupled with readily available Standard Process Models permits clients to implement simulator technology in the face of budget constraints. Today, advanced programming methods allow Simulation Solutions to stress model fidelity and control system realism that others find difficult to duplicate.

In 2001, Simulation Solutions created a major breakthrough in simulator training technology. Our new Hands On Training System contains a broad range of high fidelity process models and realistic DCS system emulations which have been integrated into a network based, fully automated training system that includes detailed training exercises, comprehensive on-line help, self and graded evaluations, and the recording of test scores and results.

Clients using this newly developed technology are able to deliver hands on training on shift and around the clock. Automated system frees up available simulator Instructors for more coaching and advising, and/or allows for complete self-paced, self-study and practice. Immediately after taking a classroom or network based course on theory, operators can see this theory put into action through the use of dynamic and realistic simulator training exercises.

Operator Training Simulators

Simulation Solutions offers a wide variety of Process Simulators which include both a DCS component and a Virtual Reality Outside Operator. This Outside Operator is fully integrated with the DCS side of the Simulator. Trainees will explore the Virtual Reality Outside Operator and be able to operate all pieces of equipment that are represented on the DCS. Actions performed in the Outside Operator (Opening of Valves, Pumps, Controllers) are reflected in real time on the DCS schematics, and vice versa.

Some of their most popular Modules as below :

Flash Drum

Often utilized as a “warm-up” for our Distillation Simulator, a Flash Drum separates a binary feed made up of butane and hexane. The Feed is under flow control and the temperature is controlled with a hot oil exchanger. The temperature controller and overhead pressure controller determine the compositions of the overhead and bottoms streams. A mass balance of the two components is displayed in mass per time units to allow trainees to develop a clear understanding of mass balance. A Virtual Reality Outside Operator accompanies the program.

Pump & Valve

Water enters a series of tanks in a unit that features feed, level and pressure controllers. Specifically, the pressure on each tank is controlled using a split-range controller utilizing a nitrogen blanket, and vent valve. The first tank in the system features a level controller managing feed entering the tank, while the second tank in the system has a level controller managing feed out of the tank. A series of pumps can be swung during exercises. A Virtual Reality Outside Operator accompanies the program.

You can check link detail for More Featured Demonstration Videos

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