This website is my personal digital diary just for sharing knowledge and experience in daily life. I would like to  share about : life story in Qatar or my home country (Indonesia) ,  my journey joined with Dukhan Toastmaster Club No.1054864, Area 28, Division E District 79 (present District 20) part of Toastmaster International,  my activities related event with Qatar Society Petroleum Engineers (SPE) or Ict Qatar event and all others social activities event.

For Toastmaster members, this website will try to  include tips, analysis, insights, and strategies which help you become a more effective speaker and a more effective communicator from many resources.

For all guests and visitors my blog, I will share some information about Information and Technology (IT), Petroleum Engineering, Hydrocarbon and Gas Processing, Best Practices  and etc.  From many resources.

Hopefully this website can be beneficial to all visitors wherever your location and Please feel free to give me feedback, comments and suggestions to improve the content of this blog more better quality.

Thanks and Highly appreciated for your attentions.

( The Author : Risman Hatibi – Dukhan Qatar )


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